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Textile Recycling

CTC Supplies, Inc., is Milwaukee's Largest Textile Recycler. We recycle millions of pounds of used textiles annually. Textiles are recycled or reused based on the following percentages:

40% Re-Worn either domestically or in developing countries.
35% Industrial Wiping Rags
20% Converted for Fiber
5% Unusable

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CTC Supplies Inc. is happy to provide a purchasing program for excess and non-wearable thrift store clothing as well as goods from industrial and hospital laundries. Our dedicated division, MILWAUKEE TEXTILE RECYCLING, works with thrift stores and laundries to help organize regular pick-ups or semi-trailer storage and purchases all clothing at fair market pricing. We then purchase the clothing by-the-pound. We aim to provide a convenient service for thrift stores to recycle their excess clothing, and gain additional revenue for their programs. Interested in starting a recycling program? Check out MILWAUKEE TEXTILE RECYCLING!

Milwaukee Textile Recycling

We pay fair market pricing for thrift-store and resale-shop excess clothing and unusable laundry goods.

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