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Recycled Towels have been washed repeatedly, so arrive fluffly and soft.

When purchasing New Towels increase the fluffiness of the towel by washing it once before use!

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CTC Supplies, Inc. is a large supplier of Bar Mops, Terry Towels, Salon Towel, Spa Towels and more! As wiping specialists, we provide a wide selection of towels for any wiping application. Towels offer superior absorbency and longevity.

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New Towels

CTC Supplies, Inc. offers an assortement of new towels. Our towels are great for any clean ups. They are also great for car washes or other drying applications.

New Terry Towels
  • White Bar Mop Towels
  • New White Hand Towels
  • New Bath Towels
  • New Blue Hand Towels
  • New Colored Towels
  • Premier Car Wash Half Towels

Recycled Towels

These towels are recycled, providing a great economical and green opportunity for your business. Recycled products are great for the environment, and even better, they get the job done.

Recycled Terry Towels
  • Half Cut Terry Towels
  • Recycled Turkish Towel Pieces
  • Recycled White Wash Cloths
  • Recycled White Whole Towels

Shop Towels

Shop Towels are a great multi-purpose wiper. They're familiar, versatile and we are happy to supply them.

New Shop Towels
  • New Red Shop Towels
  • New White Shop Towels
  • New Blue Shop Towels
  • Recycled Shop Towels

Microfiber Towels

Microfiber towels are great for cleaning, dusting, car washes or many other applications! Medium weight in various colors. They clean glass and stainless steel streak-free with water.

  • Blue Microfiber Towels
  • Green Microfiber Towels
  • Yellow Microfiber Towels
  • Red Microfiber Towels

Dish Towels

Great for Kitchens, Restaurants and Bars.

Dish Towels
  • New Washed Green Stripe Dish Towel
  • New Washed Red Stripe Dish Towel
  • Recycled Dish Towel

Salon and Spa Towels

CTC Supplies, Inc. also supplies high quality, absorbent Salon & Spa Towels. These towels are retail-quality and perfect for a salon, fitness center, or even your front office.

Salon and Spa Towels
  • King Lani Bleach Safe Towels
  • Queen Hoku Salon Towels
Check out www.salonspatowels.com for more products!
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